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The minute that I stepped onto the island of Menorca, I knew that I was in a very special place. Unlike the other islands that I had visited in the Mediterranean, Menorca was lush… Ireland lush.

As we were driving to the stables, we saw a sea of stone walls protecting the pastures from the outside world.  Inside those walls were the most beautiful black horses that I have ever seen. I felt that same rush as when I was 5 years and touched a horse for the first time.  This was like something out of a dream.

When we arrived at Son Martorellet, a herd of mares and their foals greeted us.  Moving on to the stables, we saw a shed row of stalls…all with stallions.  They all had their ears pricked forward, ready to meet us.  There were no ears pinned back and barred teeth as I had seen from other stallions in the States. They made the Alex Ramsey’s Black Stallion from my childhood look like a stumpy little pony.  These horses were truly magnificent.

When we went to the arena to see them work, I saw something that I never expected to. Some of them moved like warmbloods.  These horses truly floated.  They could definitely hold their own to any German import.

So here is this horse- that is stunning, is a great mover, AND has a great mind and attitude. Who would have thought… on this tiny little island only 35 miles long. Little did I know, that these horses not only had amazing movement, but they had the stamina and heartiness of a little billy goat.

The following day, we took some of the geldings out on a ride through the forest and along the cliffs. As we climbed up this one hill, it got windier and windier; however, the horses never faltered.  They were born and raised in this terrain and they know their job. As we arrived on the top of the hill, we looked down and saw the cliff drop all the way down into the the perfect blue sea.  It was like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie.

I knew then that we needed to bring this breed to the States.  As a horsemanship trainer and instructor, I saw the need for a horse bred not only for their athletic ability, but also their mind. With around 4.000 in existence, I knew that we needed to find a top stallion to start the breed along with a few top mares.

In addition to starting a small breeding program, I along with my partner Maite in Menorca, have decided to import quality stallions, geldings and mares so that horse lovers in the States can start experiencing this breed and spreading the word about them.

We have a select handful here on the website.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please notify us and we will continue our search.


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