Launceston resident secures event for rare Menorcan Horses

Four of the very rare – and very beautiful – Pura Raza Menorquina (PRMe) horses are to take part in the innovative Iberian show taking place this September at Westpoint Arena in Exeter. The event will take place over three days, from 2nd to 4th September in Westpoint, Exeter (UK).
We are so glad to have the oportunity to participate, come visit us!

Equine Affaire (Massachusetts) 2021 November 11th-14th

The official unveiling of the Menorcan Breed was at Equine Affair in Springfield, Massachussetts- One of the largest Equine Affairs in North America!.

Zar and Maite performed three amazing demos.  Zar and Maite both wore their traditional Menorcan Fiesta outfits, and took the hosue down!!!

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