Maite Bonet

Hey there! Let me introduce myself:

My name is Maite Bonet and I am from Menorca.

I have been around horses my whole life. Since I was a kid I have always loved them. I started riding when I was 9- 25 years ago. Time flies.

I have always taken care and trained friends’ and clients’ horses, As of 2015, I became a professional rider.  I ride for Son Martollet which is the main show stable on the island.  There, I am one of the principal riders and  I am also an active dressage competitor.

To further my education, I traveled to Germany for a year and worked in a dressage barn. I absolutely loved it there; however, something was missing in my heart. I had to come back to Menorca and to my beloved horses.

I feel blessed to work in two of the best studs of Menorca. There, we have high quality, award winning stallions and mares.  This gives me first-hand access to some of the very best horses in Menorca. Who knows, maybe your dream horse is among them.

It was in Son Martorellet, where I was so lucky to have met Kelly! I am so grateful that the universe put us together, she really helped me in my first steps in professional natural horsemanship. I completely trust her, and I think we have the same values. I am happy to say now we are partners. I can not think of anyone better! Together, we are introducing the Menorcan breed in the States, hopefully they will also steal your heart, like they did with Kelly’s.

I can say I’m the proud owner of a gorgeous young PRMe stallion, a 8 y.o. PRMe mare and two lovely PRMe fillies. We have our own breeding program in the UK and soon we will have one also in the USA. We work hard to promote our horses in both countries as not a lot of people knows about them. Every year we participate in big shows and we also organize private demonstrations and clinics. You can contact us for more info about this.

I am happy to help you find your dream horse. I personally take pictures as well as videos of all of the horses.  I also do the test rides.  If you can come to Menorca to meet the horses face to face, I will gladly help you find a place to stay as well as come with you to see the horse.

I think that is enough about me. Now it is your turn. Let’s begin a new history with you and one of our amazing horses!


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