Tack and Attire

The bridle

has the symbol of a cross (can be a heart, a star or something customized), which stands for Saint Joan and represents the western side of the island, specifically, the town of Ciutadella de Menorca.

The bit

is the typical Menorcan bit. You can see it’s a curb bit, they are handmade and they can have different length and thickness. It can be a strong bit in the wrong hands, but if you know how to handle it it’s totally ok for the horse. You don’t want the curb chain too tight or too loose as it could hurt the horse. It should be tight enough so it doesn’t bend too much.
Other bits can be used to do Menorcan dressage, like a straight bar bit, a double rein straight bar bit, a “mos d’avellanes” (it’s the only one that it’s broken in the middle) and usually only used with horses that are light in the hand.

The saddle

is built up in the back so it’s more secure for the rider during the Bot. They are handmade and they are usually made with black or brown leather, and red or blue velvet (can be customized).

We also use the breastplate and crupper. The breastplate can also have the ornaments of the cross, heart or star- the client can choose.

The festival attire

The saddle blanket is called the “buldrafa” and is handmade in Menorca.  The design cane be chosen by the owner.  It is usually a floral design.  For the one you see to the right, the owner chose pink and red flowers. because she thought the bright flowers contrasted with the horse’s black coat.
The ribbons are used in the bridle and the tail fo the horse.

Complete set for the horse: Buldrafa (the blanket) and the Flocs (ornaments for the bridle and tail)

Traditional Fiesta outfit

The riders are called the “Caixers.” They wear an outfit that is reminiscent of a military uniform. When the festivals started in the 14th century, the riders represented different social groups on the island- the church, nobility, artisans, and peasants. We use a black hat, jacket, vest bow tie, chaps and shoes, and a white shirt and trousers.
The dressage outfit would be very similar, but the vest and the tie would be from different colours instead of black and we use breeches and riding boots instead of shoes.
We also use a special stick. It’s made traditionally of ox sheath. But lately they just use brown leather. It has two red strips attached in the top and the bottom.
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