for horse and rider

Menorcan tack for your horse

We work with the best supplier, and we guarantee the highest quality.  All of the tack is made by hand by Menorcan saddle makers.  They use only the best quality leather.

The Saddle

All saddles are sold in standard sizes or can be custom fit for each horse.  You can choose either brown or black for the leather color.  For  the velvet seat, you have the option of red, dark red, blue, black as well as other colors.

The Saddles also come with:

• Breastplate
You can choose the ornamentation which is typically a heart, cross,  or star.  If you would like something unique to you and your horse, that can be created for an additional fee.
• Cinch
• Saddle Cover
• Stirrups
• Crupper

The Bridle

Comes with reins and a traditional Menorcan bit.

Horse’s Fiesta Outfit


The bridle ornaments. You can choose the colors and the design ornamentation (ect, flowers, ribbon)


Choose the design that you want in the “buldrafa” (usually they are floral motifs)

Riding Clothing

Rider’s Menorcan dressage outfit

This is the typical outfit for Menorcan dressage.  It includes the jacket, vest, tie and hat.

Rider’s Fiesta outfit

This is the traditionall outfit for the fiestas in Menorca. Jacket, vest, bowtie, hat, chaps (all black)

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